Uno Top Hot

Smallest cabinet for multi-purpose use

Climate System for sales-promoting presentation of hot and cold snacks with four temperature zones: heated with steam, dry heat, neutral and cold to the touch using crushed ice.

Casing made from chrome nickel steel. Glass top complete with illumination and silvering. A permanently-fitted ceramic heater ensures optimum heat from below and the adjustable halogen warming light supports the heating system from above. The ingenious steam convection system guarantees non-damaging heat retention. Its attractive overhead lighting using both cold and warming light puts the food display into a better light. The operation of the heater is achieved via an energy regulator in the device’s base. Main switch for heating bridge, plus selector switch for warm halogen light or cold light illumination in the upper part of the device; warm light is dimmable.

Uno Top Hot is obtainable in GN 1/1 size.

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