Beer Hot Tower

High Quality and Classy Design – Beer‘s new Hot Tower

With their new Hot Tower, Beer offer an ideal professional solution for enhancing impulsive buying of hot packaged snacks and meals from your dispensary. With its classy high-quality workmanship and its design aligned with the proven Culinario range, the Hot Tower integrates into any sales concept. The low construction height enables an optimum overview at the point of sale and the showcase can be deployed as a standalone solution or combined with mobile Beer Culinarios to form a uniform sales line. The transparent design with large glass areas and rear side mirrors provides for an optimum top view of the presented dishes, creating the desired sales pressure and attracting customers. With the optional rear side glass door
the showcase is perfect for use as a freestanding situation, offering a 360° insight. As you expect from Beer Grill, the food on every shelf is appetizingly illuminated and keeps its core temperature for an extended length of time.
The Beer Hot Tower is available in various sizes and with different numbers of sales levels and also as a table-top model.

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