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Beer Marie

Functional and Convenient – the new Beer Marie

With their new Beer Marie, Beer Grill offer an individual and game-changing solution for the bain-marie sector. Easy to operate and equipped with our proven Culinario technology, the new Beer Marie satisfies even the highest demands. Monitoring the water level and filling is done automatically, guaranteeing high process safety and ultra-simple handling. Due to its optimised heating technology, the Beer Marie produces substantial energy savings compared to conventional bain-marie systems. The Beer Marie with its quality workmanship and classy Beer design integrates into any sales concept and fits seamlessly in combinations with other Beer cold and/or warm showcases. In typical Beer Grill style, the dishes are attractively illuminated and maintain their core temperature for an extended length of time. It takes just a few manoeuvres to transform the Beer Marie from a self-service station into an attended point of sale. And, due to its sophisticated design, it‘s really easy to clean.
The Beer Marie is available in sizes from GM 3/1 to 5/1 and can be optionally equipped with modern LED instead of PLL lighting.

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Culinario Master Touch

The newly developed Culinario Master Touch food showcase combines the proven advantages of the Culinario system with new, intuitive controls by 4.3“ touch displays.

The operator can individually select pre-set programmes for each GN area by way of clearly structured pictures. If, for example, the operator wants to present schnitzels on one GN field, he selects the matching picture, in this case breaded schnitzels; this leads him to the ideal programme settings for that product.

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Culinario Touch

The Culinario Touch display cabinet fulfils the highest requirements in terms of the presentation and dispensing of food. It provides the opportunity of offering your dishes in accordance with the respective environment (heated with steam, dry heat, neutral or cold to the touch using crushed ice). The latest generation‘s innovative touch control enables you to set the desired climate individually for each GN field and give it optimum illumination by warm or neutral light or a combination of both. You can store up to 8 stocking layouts as comprehensive programmes and recall them at any time.
Using various modules, Culinario Touch can be adapted into your individual unique food presentation system. Apart from that, with just a few deft adjustments, Culinario Touch can be converted from a self-service buffet into a manned sales station.

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Culinario Easy

Keeping hot and cold with manual operation

Climate System for sales-promoting presentation of hot and cold food with four temperature zones: heated with steam, dry heat, neutral and cold to the touch using crushed ice.

Solid CNS construction. Glass top complete with illumination and silvering. A permanently-fitted ceramic heater per GN field ensures optimum heat from below and the adjustable halogen warming light supports the heating system from above. The ingenious steam convection system guarantees non-damaging heat retention. Its attractive overhead lighting using both cold and warming light puts the food display into a better light. The heater operation is controlled by means of a rotary switch in the lower part of the device (manual operation). Selector switch for halogen warm lighting or illumination using cold lighting in the upper part of the device, warm lighting per GN 1/1 dimmable.

Culinario Easy is obtainable as a built in, table top or free-standing device or as a trolley system in sizes GN 2/1 to GN 5/1.

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Culinario Arctis / Culinario Arctis Duplex

Keeping cold using circulating air cooling

System for promotional presentation of cold dishes, cooled by recirculating air.

Solid CNS construction. Glass top complete with illumination and silvering. With cooling bath and bath insert, plus fold-up finned evaporator.

Cooling system with air-circulation condenser and automatic defrosting, temperature display and integrated circulating air ventilation system. Temperature range 4°C – 12°C. Devices with built-in cooling or for connection to a central cooling system.

Culinario Arctis is obtainable as a built in, table top or free-standing device or as a trolley system in sizes GN 2/1 to GN 5/1.

Culinario Arctis is obtainable as a built in, table top or free-standing device in sizes GN 2/1 to GN 5/1.

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Culinario Fire & Ice / Culinario Fire & Ice Duplex

Combination display cabinet for hot and cold food

System for sales-promoting presentation of hot and cold food.

Cooling unit (GN 2/1)
Ready to plug in or for connection to a central cooling system, insulated CNS frost-free cooling tray with air-deflectors and condensation outflow, removable inner tray, automatic defrosting, height-adjustable shelves GN 1/1 and strips. Temperature range 4°C to 12°C. Cutting board on the service side

Heating unit (GN 1/1)
Stainless-steel carrier with ceramic radiant heating and temperature regulator, stainless steel inserts (V4A) to accept various display surfaces, for hot moist or hot dry displays.

Glass attachment with light channel and mirror
With main switch for cold light (PLL compact lamp) in the whole device and selector-switch for halogen warm light in the warm area, including shard protection. Warm light dimmable by means of a manual switch. Mirror insert GN 3/1.

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Culinario Elements

Proven Beer Technology Integrated into Individual Counter Design

Flexibility for your Food Counter
Culinario Elements are the optimum solution if you have your own ideas for the design of your food counter or want to integrate it into the concept of your shop builder using Beer Grill’s proven climate system.

Choose the equipment solution that suits you best from our Culinario Easy, Culinario Arctis or Solaris ranges and combine it with an individual glass superstructure made by your trusted partner.

Ambient Climate System for all Requirements
Beer Grill offer the best possible solution for an attractive food presentation with the choice of five different ambient climate zones: hot steamy, hot dry, neutral, contact cooled on crushed ice or active airstream refrigeration. Installing the Beer components and the glass showcase superstructure is in the customer’s responsibility.

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