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Beer Grill – food perfectly presented

Beer Grill was founded in 1922. In the course of our history, we have always devoted ourselves to one particular passion: Making sure that food is prepared on the highest possible level and without compromise. This is an objective that for us, as a Swiss company faithful to its traditions, always takes priority. We are proud of our SWISS MADE label and have been continuously developing our company and improving our production. Beer Grill is the technologically leading manufacturer of innovative devices and systems for the professional presentation and preparation of dishes. We are constantly setting new quality standards in terms of design, patented technology and functionality. In this way, we have been able to win over many demanding customers in various countries. We develop the solutions they need based on the demands of modern eating culture – in a professional, precise and cooperative manner. Our guiding principle is a promise that all our customers can always rely on.

As a leading system provider, we offer the right concept for any requirements and customer needs. Perfectly tailored to any specific site, room and framework conditions, our product range offers virtually endless possibilities. As an established specialist for special orders, we can accommodate very unusual requests. All our units offer you innovative technology, intelligent design and compelling functionality to make absolutely sure your culinary creations remain top-notch! Thanks to their extreme variability, our solutions remain highly economical, which makes them a worthwhile investment in your future.