Our overall concept

Solid values have been the basis of our company since its founding in 1922. Beer is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative systems for presenting and preparing food in Front of house cooking. We develop solutions to suit the needs of today’s gastronomic culture. Decades of experience in design and production of equipment give us the decisive edge on our competitors, enabling us to establish best customer relations throughout Europe.

Beer has set itself clear goals: Healthy growth plus expansion and consolidation of our position in national and international markets, with sustainable appreciation value as our prime goal. To this end, we have focused our activities on the travel, hotel and industrial catering sectors with their strong growth potential, as well as the expanding “to go” market.

The employees are the foundation of our success, seeking convincing solutions with know-how, creativity, devotion and responsibility and always prepared to meet new challenges. Their demeanour and motivation are essential for maintaining our most valuable capital – Beer’s good reputation. The employees are fully integrated in our decision-making processes, which in turn enhances their satisfaction and motivation. And we help them expand their knowledge and excellence by advanced training and education.

Beer’s values are animate at all levels. Our active information policy boosts the exchange of ideas and transparency. The management leads the company with high ethical standards – with responsibility and dedication – always keen to grasp all business opportunities. And Beer’s leaders inspire, motivate and encourage their employees.

Beer is a member of the global community, and we take our responsibility seriously. This includes respect for nature and sustainable handling of resources. Our products and processes are environment-friendly and use resources with prudence. Beyond that, every one of our employees makes positive contributions – to society and to the environment. Because everybody at Beer’s adheres to the motto: “Think lucidly and act providently”

Our relationship with our suppliers is based on mutual respect and trust. We wish to establish reliable and durable relationships. And in financial matters, we concentrate on a few selected partners with whom we deal as equals in frankness, trust and confidence.

Beer cherishes partnership in dealing with its customers. Dedication, mutual respect, fairness and confidence are the cornerstones of our business relations, our customers’ satisfaction and enthusiasm are the benchmark of our actions. And we encourage the vivid exchange of ideas to find the best possible solutions for our clients.